Cylinder Fleet Manager

The Cylinder Fleet Manager (CFM) function allows users to:

  • Track cylinder by location
  • Track cylinder by engineer
  • Check cylinder records in real time
  • Record the collection, transferring and returning of cylinders
  • Utilise our cylinder tracking software so engineers are accountable for their cylinder
  • Quickly check the amount of remaining product (kg) left in a cylinder or the amount of product added to a recovery cylinder
  • Add different types of cylinders (product, recovery and receiver, service gases)
  • Add any suppliers cylinders, not just A-Gas
  • Improved control over your cylinder rental bill using traffic light system which acts as an early warning for cylinders reaching the end of their free loan period:
    • No Charge: cylinder is within its free rental period and isn't incurring rental charges
    • Charge Due: cylinder is coming towards the end of its free rental period and will start to incur charges in under 2 weeks (Charge Due Period can be manually adjusted)
    • Charge: cylinder is currently incurring rental charges
    • Unknown: cylinder is currently incurring rental charges and requires returning
  • Use our Cylinder management software to generate cylinder rental status reports for future months or look back at the history of a cylinder using the 'Charge As Of' function and selecting the relevant date.
  • For further details on the CFM please see the summary documents below
Cylinder Fleet Manager


Cylinder Fleet Manager Example Screen


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