F-Gas Register

A-Gas has teamed up with the F-Gas Register to offer their customers an integrated cylinder stock management, job management and insightful F-Gas reporting tool.

F-Gas Register

The F-Gas Register is the online home and application portal for the Quidos F-Gas company certification scheme, as appointed by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) under the 2015 no310 UK Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations.

The F-Gas Register is the leading F Gas certification body in the UK and we provide the lowest cost full F-Gas certification in the UK.

We also provide a range of f-gas training courses, including our F-Gas City & Guilds 2079-11 Level 2, for fluorinated gases and ozone depleting substances.

A-Gas and Gas-Trak Online

Gas-Trak Online (GTO) has teamed up with The F-Gas Register to help develop the GTO platform and supply their customers with industry leading F-Gas Reporting and Cylinder Tracking software. As a F-Gas Register member you are entitled to:

  • One free license for your first year
  • Free training and onboarding
  • Free online training

  • Enhanced Account

  • Free Account

1. Cylinder Tracking

  • Barcode scanning for ease of data input

  • Check the remaining product left in a cylinder

  • Transfer cylinders between engineers and to customer sites

  • Full tractability of cylinder location

  • Cloud based cylinder management with GTO mobile app and desktop web portal 

  • Off-Line data input while operating in remote areas

  • Calculation of wholesaler rental charges

  • Calculate rental charges for future months

  • Electronic signature box for cylinder returns to wholesaler 

  • Insightful KPI reporting

  • Track ANY suppliers cylinders

2. F-Gas Reporting

  • F-Gas and environmental waste reporting

  • Electronically generated report

  • Leakage data reports

  • Full contractor reporting and engineer analysis

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