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The F-Gas Regulations state that the leak checking frequency is to be calculated in CO2 equivalent terms.

Don't know how to do this? It's easy you can download the GTO App here for free and use the GWP Calculator. 

Why not use our handy Global Warming Potential (GWP) calculator, this tool will do it for you and advise of the required leak checking frequency. Simply select your product from a pre-defined list, enter the weight of refrigerant used and let the GWP Calculator do the rest!

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GWP Calculator Summary


Have you ever wondered how to quickly calculate CO2 Equivalent? And what is the Frequency of Leak Checks?

Here you can find the A-Gas' Guide to Calculating CO2 Equivalent & Leak Testing. Download the Infographics below.

  • A-Gas’ Guide to Calculating CO2 Equivalent






  • Leak Testing Guide






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