View and use our GTO test account

Why not use our GTO Test account to:

  • View a GTO account without registering yourself
  • View and use all our enhanced features
  • Add customers, sites, equipment, cylinders etc.
  • Add and complete jobs
  • View F-Gas Reports
  • Use the log in for details for the GTO App

Username: GTO Test

Password: password

Use the above log in details to sign into our test account:

Data Upload

We have the ability to upload asset data to your account. This data includes:

  • Customers, Sites and Equipment data
  • Cylinder data
  • View how asset data is displayed in GTO account by using the Test Account above

In order to upload data to your account we require it in a specific format, please use the following guides when submitting asset data for upload:

  1. Example Asset Data- this is an example spreadsheet of the format we need your data in
  2. GTO Import Excel Template-this is a template you can use for your asset data
  3. Example Cylinder Data- this is an example spreadsheet of the format we need your data in
  4. GTO Cylinder Import Excel Template- this is a template you can use for your cylinder data
GTO Import Excel Template Example Asset Data GTO Cylinder Import Excel Template Example Cylinder Data


Through experience we understand that it can take a while to get all your asset data into the required format. So you can get started with your GTO account straight away we have model data we can upload to your account so you can start using GTO and see what a populated account looks like. Contact the GTO Support Team to have the data uploaded to your account.

GTO Example Data