New Features

Our experts explain how to use the GTO mobile App and web portal. 

  • Charge as of function in the CFM

  • Collecting cylinder GTO app

  • How to use the maps function when on the way to a job

  • rental status and charge due period

  • Remaining product recovery

  • Remaining Product Demonstration


  • Customers summary android

  • Adding jobs on android and web portal

  • Gas Usage android and portal

  • Sync Frequency

  • Adding multiple cylinders to one job

Web portal

  • Activating your 30 day free trial

  • Adding job on web portal

  • How to add customer, sites and equipment

  • How to break down your F-Gas Logbook by customer

  • How to change engineer user permissions

  • How to check gas usage of jobs

  • How to check your engineer's refrigerant usage

  • How to purchase an enhanced service license

  • How to send a password reset email to one of your engineers