1. Easy to use
    • Navigate round the app using the icon buttons or menu bar on the home screen.
    • Need help? Utilise the help documents provided or contact the dedicated GTO support team at support@gastrakonline.com.
  2. F-Gas compliance
    • Comply with new F-Gas Regulations by using the GWP calculator tool to convert your F-Gas refrigerant usage into CO2 equivalent.
  3. Real-time reporting
    • Use the free F-Gas log book, or subscribe to the enhanced service to report your F-Gas usage electronically, at a click of a button.
  4. Cylinder tracking
    • Tracking a fleet of cylinders across multiple engineers can be a time-consuming and complex task. Storing cylinder data in GTO makes cylinder management easy.
  5. Cost efficiency
    • Reduce the time spent and costs incurred in reporting when compared to the use on manual log books.
    • Replace time-consuming paperwork with a computerised F-Gas reporting solution.
  6. Performance indicators
    • Our enhanced service provides the ability to analyse performance via a reporting dashboard, whether its engineer performance, popular products or 'problem' sites.
  7. Customer experience
    • Efficient and accurate F-Gas reporting ensures you have satisfied customers who are F-Gas compliant.
  8. Cross platform compatibility
    • GTO is available on iOS and Android, with Windows due to follow shortly. This is a first in the industry, allowing GTO to provide an F-Gas reporting solution regardless of your operating platform.
  9. Data Storage and Security
    • Working in a location with little or no internet connection? The app will temporarily store your data and sync once connectivity is available.
    • No data is transmitted without being encrypted. As a result, your data cannot be tampered with or read by third parties.
  10. Designed, developed and maintained by industry experts
    • GTO has been developed in-house giving the ability to make amendments, customise reports and integrate with external systems.
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Reporting Obligations

  • A-Gas UK F-Gas Update

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