Welcome to Gas-Trak Online (GTO)


Are you a HVACR contractor or distributor looking for a solution to track your cylinder stock, generate reports that enable you to comply with F-Gas regulations and provide added value which you can pass on to your customers?

If so, to find out more about how GTO can help you meet your needs select our GTO Distributor or GTO Contractor products for more information. 

Our Products

GTO offers a wide range of services including, but not limited to, cylinder tracking, reporting and stock management solutions for both HVACR distributors and contractors. Each platform if purpose built for your needs. 

  • Distributor

    GTO distributor allows HVACR distributors to track returnable cylinder stock across their branch networks and on loan at customer sites. 

  • Contractor

    GTO Contractor provides HVACR contractors with an integrated stock management, job management and insightful reporting tool. 

"GTO is a revelation, FGAS Compliance is a legal requirement, GTO allows us to see our engineers work in real time, and provide our Clients tailored reports. The Cylinder Tracking feature has helped us minimise costs for lost cylinders and monthly rentals" - Colin Mann, Service Manager, EJM Engineered Systems Ltd