Gas-Trak Online (GTO)

Gas-Trak Online (GTO)

With GTO managing your F-Gas refrigerant usage has never been easier. Complete with handy features, GTO is a fast and simple cylinder management F-Gas reporting solution which can be used on the move. GTO comes complete with two interconnecting elements: The Desktop Web Portal and The Mobile App.

Web Portal: Acting as the central control point, the Desktop Web Portal enables users to manage their accounts, customers, jobs and cylinder fleet and view all data in one place, producing useful analysis and cylinder tracking functionality.

App: Available in Android and iOS, the GTO App is a great tool for engineers to enter data whilst on the move. The App automatically syncs with the Web Portal, ensuring real-time data is available to the office at any point.

GTO Features

GTO App:
Store asset data  Allocate jobs using our job management function 

  Global Warming Potential Calculator

Cylinder Stock List  Barcode Reader

Web Portal
Web Portal  F-Gas Reporting

Job Management Software  Store Asset Data

Cylinder Fleet Manager  Web Portal Website


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