• News
    08 August 2018

    Refrigerant Gas Recycling and the F-Gas Phase Down

    Have you ever wondered how important it is to recycle as much recovered gas as possible?

  • News
    01 August 2018

    A-Gas Announces New Release of Gas-Trak Online

    Gas-Trak Online releases new round of updates to ensure our customers keep up with the ever-evolving marketplace.

  • News
    14 February 2018

    GTO is My Valentine

    GTO is here to bring you happiness this Valentine’s day!

  • News
    06 February 2018

    A-Gas Announces New Release of Gas-Trak Online

    To ensure our customers keep up with the ever-evolving marketplace, A-Gas’ latest release ensures GTO stays at the forefront of the fast-paced environment.

  • News
    21 November 2017

    Gas-Trak Online (GTO) Refreshed

    Gas-Trak Online (GTO) is unveiling this week a refreshed website to offer a simple solution to distributors and contractors.

  • Infographics
    18 April 2017

    Need Help?

    Do you need to quickly calculate CO2 Equivalent and also check Frequency of Leaks?

  • New Release
    01 February 2017

    GTO Big Reveal

    We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed web portal is live!

  • Design
    21 November 2016

    Gas-Trak Online Project ‘Lizified’

    This photo represents the start of a beautiful project. We’ve code named it "Project Lizified" after our design expert Liz.

  • News
    11 November 2016

    F-Gas is forever. Don’t panic, just comply!

    Released Gases can remain in the atmosphere for different amounts of time depending on their chemistry, ranging from a relatively short time to many years.

  • Regulatory Updates
    23 October 2016

    Statement from A-Gas on the Kigali Amendment

    A-Gas Group Commercial Business Development Director Ken Logan said: “There has been much coverage in the Media about the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol – also expressed as a phasedown of commonly-used gases in fridges and air conditioners. A-Gas welcomes this historic international agreement and looks forward to its full implementation in all our regions.