GTO Distributor

Confidently track your returnable cylinder stock across your branch network and on loan at contractor sites. GTO makes calculating and managing your cylinder rental charges much simpler, automated and quicker. Enhance your customer experience by offering them visibility over their cylinder rentals through a cloud based cylinder web portal that we manage on your behalf.

GTO Distributor: Product Offering

GTO Distributor comprises of two product offerings which can work together or independently:

  • Cylinder Fleet Tracking: is a stock management tool which manages your in-house cylinder fleet.
  • Customer Cylinder Web Portal: provides your customers with a cylinder web portal to track their cylinder rentals

  • GTO Distributor: Cylinder Fleet Tracking
    GTO Distributor: Cylinder Fleet Tracking

    A simple solution that gives you full tractability of your returnable cylinder fleet. 

  • GTO Distributor: Customer Cylinder Web Portal
    GTO Distributor: Customer Cylinder Web Portal

    Enhance your customers experience by offering them viability over their cylinder rentals. 

  • A simple solution that gives you full traceability of your returnable cylinder fleet

     Be in full control of your cylinder fleet by tracking each cylinder quickly and easily from the time it is receipted in branch, sold to your customers and returned empty to your supplier. The days of hand written serial numbers are behind you; use a barcode scanner throughout the system to add accuracy and efficiency to your daily working processes.

  • A peace of mind solution for your reporting needs

     GTO will manage your reporting obligations. GTO provides you with a Distributor Stock Dashboard where you can view the stock location split and monthly purchasing trends giving you essential insight into your cylinder fleet.

  • Keep track of your entire branch network with enterprise and branch level logons

     GTO Distributor comes complete with two levels of logons; Enterprise level where management can view data from all  branches together giving valuable insight into branch performance and stock management.  Branch level logons where only data from individual branches is visible.

  • Get the most out of your cylinder rentals

     Get full transparency over cylinder rental charges by recording exactly when a cylinder has been returned from your customer and when it was received by A-Gas (applicable for A-Gas customers only). GTO Distributor gives you peace of mind and complete data accuracy.

  • Enhance you customers experience by offering them visibility over their cylinder rentals

     Offer an own-brand Web Portal to your customers so they can logon and track their cylinders through a user friendly interface.

Cylinder Stock Control

GTO Distributor Stock Management system comes complete with several key features:

1. Cylinder Tracking

  • Barcode scanning for ease of data input

  • Cloud based cylinder management with GTO

  • Integrated cylinder receipt and returns

  • Plan ahead and view your expected stock delivery from A-Gas

  • Inter-branch transfers, avoid confusion over where a cylinder has ended up in the network

  • Track any suppliers cylinders

  • Branch auto-refill levels for A-Gas customers

2. Cylinder Rentals

  • Calculation of cylinder rental charges

  • Set up specific rental charges for individual customers

3. Reporting

  • View the location of your stock using the stock dashboard

  • View your stock sales in one simple report

  • View your stock charges in one simple report

4. Enterprise and Branch Level Logons

  • Set up user permission for individual users

  • View a charge matrix of all cylinder charges across all your branches

  • View branch and enterprise level reports

Customer Cylinder Web Portal Features

The Customer Cylinder Web Portal enables you to provide your customers with the following:

5. Visibility of Their Cylinder Rentals

  • An own-branded web portal complete with your logo

  • A traffic light warning system to control their rental costs