GTO Contractor

GTO Contractor provides an integrated cylinder stock management, job management and insightful reporting tool for all HVACR contractors. This will drive cost savings through more effective management of cylinder rentals. GTO provides time savings for your engineers, using the GTO mobile App over incumbent paper based tracking systems, and brings a solution that complies with F-Gas reporting requirements in Europe.

  • A simple solution for cylinder tracking that will give your business the upper hand

    Tracking a fleet of cylinders across multiple engineers can be a time-consuming and complex task which can lead to you overpaying on cylinder rentals. GTO is a fast and simple cylinder management solution which can be updated on the move and save you money through more effective management of cylinder rentals.

  • A peace of mind solution for your F-Gas reporting needs

    Reduce the time spent and costs incurred in F-Gas reporting  compared to the use of manual log books. Give your customer peace of mind and differentiate your product offering by providing a variety of reports and the ability to report on leakage data for their equipment.

  • Accelerate productivity by using our intuitive job management tool

    Manage your accounts, customers, jobs and cylinder fleet from anywhere using our cloud based system. Allocate jobs to engineers in the field using the web portal and your engineers will keep in contact by completing jobs and adding gas usage data via the GTO mobile App.

  • Ensure management of customer asset data


    Give your customer peace of mind by tracking their asset data. Give your customer full visibility of their asset data and the refrigerant product split between their sites.

GTO's Features

GTO comes complete with two interconnecting elements: The Desktop Web Portal and The Mobile App providing the following features:

1. Cylinder Tracking

  • Barcode scanning for ease of data input

  • Check the remaining product left in a cylinder

  • Transfer cylinders between engineers and to customer sites

  • Full tractability of cylinder location

  • Cloud based cylinder management with GTO mobile app and desktop web portal 

  • Off-Line data input while operating in remote areas

  • Calculation of wholesaler rental charges

  • Calculate rental charges for future months

  • Electronic signature box for cylinder returns to wholesaler 

  • Insightful KPI reporting

  • Track ANY suppliers cylinders

2. Job Management

  • Cloud based job management with GTO mobile app

  • Off-line data input while operating in remote areas

  • Job sign-off by customers

  • Create jobs in advance using the job scheduler

3. F-Gas Reporting

  • F-Gas and environmental waste reporting

  • Electronically generated report

  • Leakage data reports

  • Full contractor reporting and engineer analysis

4. Asset Management

  • Asset tracking

  • View your customer locations using the mapping feature

  • View what products are in pieces of equipment and the product split between sites

  • Set up user permissions for engineers

Customers we are working with

Below are just some of the customers we are working with. You can also read their testimonials



"I think it is a great app, and that it will prove invaluable to a lot of people who are struggling to manage their cylinders and F-gas usage. From what I've seen and the development plans A-Gas have it is the best on the market" - Nick Rogers, F-Gas Manager, Intergral