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01 August 2018

A-Gas Announces New Release of Gas-Trak Online

To ensure our customers keep up with the ever-evolving marketplace, A-Gas’ latest release ensures Gas-Trak Online stays at the forefront of the fast-paced environment. 

The new release includes:

GTO linked with A-Gas cylinder database

GTO has been linked to A-Gas cylinder database meaning simply scanning the cylinder barcode will automatically update the cylinder type, weight and product resulting in:

  • Increased speed of adding A-Gas cylinders to stock
  • Reduced entry errors

Note: you can still manually upload ANY suppliers cylinders!

Electronic Signature

An electronic signature option has been added on job completion giving contractors the ability to get jobs signed off by customers.

To turn this feature on sign into your Web Portal, click Company Setup and select Completion Signature 'Yes'.

Coming Soon:

Cylinder Rental Charge Matrix which will allow rental terms to be pre-set for different wholesalers and cylinder types ending the need to manually add rental terms for individual cylinders.

Reporting Enhancements which will allow contractors to filter and download aesthetically pleasing F-Gas reports in PDF format.

Got an idea of how GTO could be improved? Provide your feedback via the Contact Us page!